The Wooly Wonders Knitting Guild first began meeting in 2006 in Franklin, PA.


The name was recently changed to the Wooly Wonders Fiber Arts Guild to reflect the many types of fiber crafts that are practiced by its members. 


The Guild’s mission is to encourage everyone in the enjoyment of their knitting and other fiber crafts. We also aim to enhance the fiber-crafting experience by learning about new techniques and by sharing information on topics such as new patterns and yarns, as well as by enjoying the company of fellow crafters located in our area of Northwestern Pennsylvania.


The Wooly Wonders Fiber Arts Guild generally meets on the last Saturday of each month.  Please contact us for information on the date and location of our next meeting as we would be pleased to have you attend as our guest and hopefully as a new member.



For information send an e-mail to:

woolywondersNWPA (at) gmail.com

NOTE:  Please insert the @ symbol in place of (at)

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