November/December 2015 Meeting notes

January 8, 2016
The Wooly Wonders Knitting Group/Guild held its monthly meeting Saturday, December 5, 2015 at the Neverending Book Store.  Several people were able to attend.

It was discussed that one, preferably two, more names be added to the group’s checking account as Kathie Z. is presently the only name on the account.  It is required to have at least two names for writing checks.  Bessie N. and Nora C. both stated that they would be willing to be placed on the account.  This action will be voted on at the next meeting so it can be added to the minutes and submitted to the bank as required.

The Christmas tree at the Barrow Theater was put up November 18th by Tina S., Nora C. and Kathie Z..  Quite a nice amount of items were placed on and under the tree.  On December 7th Nora C. and Kathie Z. took the items off the tree and Kathie Z. took said items to the Community Service office in Rocky Grove for distribution.  Nora and Kathie then used items that are part of the yarn bombing plus other items collected.  It really looked quite nice when finished and showed what the knitting group does.  Nora C. and Kathie Z. will take the tree down January 2nd and plan to store the tree at the Barrow for future use.

Kathie Z. has talked to Diane of Diane’s Linens and Yarns to see if she plans on doing the yarn bombing during May Mart and she is.  I will be speaking with Diane after the first of the year to coordinate the plans.  In the meantime Diane has requested that we talk to other people about participating as she would like to do as many trees as possible in the park.  I told her the knitting group plans to participate.

Bring ideas to the next meeting to be discussed.  I will also bring what we have for our project so we can lay it out and see what is needed and where we want to go from there.  Also a quick note for anyone who isn’t aware that Diane’s shop is now on Liberty Street near Leonardo’s Restaurant .  She also offers class for anyone who would be interested.

Bead row counters were made and anyone who wants to make one we will have supplies at the January meeting.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in January.


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