June 9, 2014

Treasurer’s report was given.

We spoke about moving the August meeting to the fourth weekend in August (8-23) since the last weekend is Labor Day.  To be voted on at the next meeting.  This idea was aproved with Leah at the book store and if we decide to do this we just have to let her know.

We discussed the recent yarn bombing in Franklin and Kathie Zinz had talked to Diane at Diane’s Gift Boutique and  learned she is planning to do it next year the same weekend as May mart.  She plans to have groups adopt a tree or pole and there will be a contest with prizes.  We discussed this and have decided to adopt a tree.  At the next meeting we will discuss this and make a plan hoping all will be in agreement.


Diane sent Kathie and Cat some information about knit in public day with a whole plan of activities to go along with it at her boutique.  Diane also informed us that guild members will now get a 10% off with a current gulid membership card.  Julie will be making more cards for those who don’t have them yet.  If you are currently paid for 2014 and would like your card to be mailed to you please send an email with your name and address to woolywondersnwpa@gmail.com.

Catherine brought up the suggestion of a group trip to a fiber event or possibly a trip to out of town shops.

Discussion was held on what our educational program will be at the June meeting.  If anyone would like to volunteer to give a demonstration please let us know.  Julie was going to contact Debi Wilbur about a project that had been mentioned some months ago.  Kathie went over the helix scarf pattern for those who did not know how to do it and she also talked about a life line tip she had learned.

We spoke about buying a plastic bin to store our Knitting Daily DVD’s and other small items for the Guild at the book store.

There was some show and tell and the meeting was adjourned.


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