November 14, 2013

The Wooly Wonders held their monthly meeting on October 26 at Pink Champagne Cupcakery in Franklin.

The meeting was informal and several things were discussed.

The position of president has opened up due to conflicts with Nicki P.’s schedule and she has becaome unable to attend meetings at this time. Debbie B. has kindly stepped forward to be our new President for 2014.

We also discussed our checking account. We need two signatures to cash a check but two of people currently listed on the checking account are no longer members and will need to have their names removed. The two members that are still on the account are Bridget D. and Kathie Z. Tina S. has volunteered to have her name added to the account. This will make it easier for signatures to be obtained.

We were reminded that Annadele Alpacas was having an open house on November 2 and everyone was encouraged to attend.

Several ideas were discussed for future educational activities to be held at our meetings. Some suggestions were; rolled edging, two color ribbing, mobius cast on, cables and locker hooking. we decided to have an introduction to cables for beginners at our December 7 meeting.

The November/December meeting will be held December 7 at Pink Champagne Cupcakery. As a reminder, we ask that no outside food be brought in to consume at our meeting. The shop does not charge us to meet in their back room as long as any food and beverages are purchased from them.

Don’t forget to bring your show and tell and come ready to enjoy a nice Christmas meeting!


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