March 19, 2012


Notes of meeting of 2/25/2012

The meeting was held at Suzanne’s home.

The Treasurer’s report was presented. Dues for 2012 were collected from the members present. The annual dues continue to be $20.

Old Business

Knitting Daily-Series 700 and 800 are now available. Members will look for the possibility to purchase these for our library at sale prices.

Magazines from Kindred Spirits- Members present reviewed some of the old magazines originally from Kindred Spirits. They will be kept at Suzanne’s for a few months and any remaining will then be taken by Julie for donation.

March 31 meeting- This meeting will be held at B’ewe’tiful Knits in Clarion at 10am. Ginnie has arranged for Shelley to order the specific yarn needed for our project (Crocheted hot pad). Plymouth Fantasy Naturelle is $6 per skein from the shop. Since the cost to members who want to participate in the class is under $10 we will not use treasury funds to subsidize the cost. Directions to the shop will follow. Car-pool arrangements, if desired, will be made individually by members.

New Business

Stitch Sampler Classes- Jane has agreed to teach 1 hour sampler classes as part of our regular meetings. Bridgett will organize the list of the classes that Jane and Jill taught at Pgh Knit and Crochet Festival for the March meeting and we can then select topics of interest for programs have been after June.

Annadele Alpaca – Sharon and Deb are willing to have one of our meetings be held at their alpaca farm in Union City. Sue gave them dates for July-October and they will coordinate with their other commitments.

Show and Tell

Members shared their current works -in -progress and recent purchases from Pgh Knit and Crochet.

Class Project

Nikki provided instruction and examples of a circular knit cotton lace hotpad/dish cloth.


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