April 14, 2011


Notes of meeting of 3/26/2011

Our March meeting was held at the home of Suzanne Karns.

The Treasurer’s report was given.   $42.32 will be disbursed as previously approved reimbursement for the purchase of Knitting Daily DVD # 2 and #3.

These two DVD’s will be part of the Wooly Wonders library, based at Suzanne’s. Each will be available for members for one month loan. Initially, Colleen borrowed #2 and Julie, #3. Suzanne will obtain card-pockets and lending record cards for future use. In the event that Wooly Wonders disbands, the DVD’s will be donated to the Franklin Library.

We still need to purchase a HDMI cable and possibly a converter (funds previously approved) Suzanne will coordinate this.

Members were reminded of Knitter’s Fantasy, April 9th and Wool Fest at Lake Farm Park June 23/24.

Ginnie has resigned as Treasurer, effective in May. Kathy volunteered to assume the duties. She and Ginnie will complete any required actions with the bank.

Many diverse items were admired during the “Show and Tell” portion of the meeting.

Ginnie then demonstrated the use of a sock board for knitted socks.

Our April 30th meeting will be held at Suzanne’s. The topic will be selected items from the 2 DVD’s reviewed by Colleen and Julie

The May 28th meeting will include a presentation of various picot edgings by Bridgett.


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