February 16, 2011

Notes of meeting of 1/29/2011

Our January meeting was held at the home of Suzanne Karns.

The meeting began with a Treasurer’s report. Fifteen members paid dues in 2010; two members still need to pay their 2010 dues. It was agreed to keep the annual dues at $20, payable at the beginning of the calendar year. Several potential new members were identified by Tina.

Photos of the 3 winning entries at the 2010 Venango County 4H Fair (knit item, crocheted item and afghan) were available.

Because of declining attendance at the last few monthly meetings and cancelled meetings, members present discussed the future of the group. All were in favor of continuing as an organized group/guild. Possible ideas to improve participation included:

• Combine the November and December meetings as a social event, perhaps with an annual dinner at a local restaurant.
• Combine the January and February meetings because of anticipated weather issues.
• Have a mixture of meeting types, some devoted to a structured class, which may extend beyond one meeting and others with a more social purpose and trouble shooting of knitting problems,etc.
• Determine the topic/format for the next meeting at the current meeting
• Distribute information related to meeting topics and any “homework assignments” as soon as possible prior to the meeting.

A tentative schedule for 2010 included:

Suzanne volunteered her home as our meeting location, when she is available.

February: Kathy Zinz volunteered to select several topics from a “Knitting Daily” DVD, review them and determine if any knitting should be done prior to the class. Julie will distribute the information to all members as soon as possible. Members agreed that Wooly Wonders purchase any cables required to enable viewing of the DVD on Suzanne’s TV.

May—last Saturday is part of Memorial Day weekend—–Social meeting”

August— Summer picnic, perhaps with a “dye day” at Sue Spencer’s house in the woods—Plan meeting for 3rd Saturday (Aug 20) with a rain date of the 4th Saturday (August 27).

Members agreed to support Crawford County and Venango County Fairs at the same level as past years ($25 prize for Crawford, three $10 prizes for Venango).

Following the business meeting, the “Show and Tell” portion of the meeting had a wide variety of projects. Members were reminded of the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival on February 12th and 13th.

Here is a source for the reinforcing yarn for use in sock projects which we saw an example of  during our show and tell. http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Lang_Yarn-Jawoll_Reinforcement_Thread_Yarn-3475.html.


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