July 7, 2010

The Wooly Wonders meeting for June 26, 2010 was held at Nicki Phillips home in Franklin.

Nine members were present.  They were: Nicki Phillips, Bonnie McDonald, Sharon Gustavson, Judy Shields, Julie Hyndford, Sue Spencer, Tina Switzer, Kathie Zinz, & Ginnie Weltner.

Ginnie conducted the meeting.  Business of the meeting follows:

Dye Day will be July 31 at the Bell’s.  Of the nine members present only three may be able to attend.  If you are attending be sure to bring a dish for the pot luck.  Perhaps interested members should contact the Bells before the 31st to let them know who is planning on attending. 

The August meeting will be at Sue Spencer’s house on the 28th of August.  Again it is a pot luck so please remember to bring a dish to pass. We will be making a felted picture with the hand dyed roving we make on the July meeting.

I understand that both the July & August meeting will have other groups attending also.

We had quite a lot of discussion on making plans for the Knitters Retreat, March 11, 2011 at Cross Creek Resort.  We need to have several committees, such as program, agenda, entertainment, publicity, classes and decorations, etc..  Please be thinking about what committee you would like to be on.  To have this all work, we need every member to help out. 

We had several “Show & Tell” items. 

We then watched the video that Jerri had made about the hemp belt she designed and we are leaning to knit.  Jerri has a web site starting up early in July. Tina has been working with her on this. It will have a list of patterns, a store, DVD to watch and maybe free patterns?  The web site is: www.artknitonline.com

Julie reported that she went to World Wide Knit in Public Day in Erie and there were about 50 that attended. The one at Franklin was held at the Library on the front lawn and was attended by several knitters from mid morning through mid afternoon.


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