June 17, 2010

Notes of meeting of 5/29/10

The meeting was held at Suzanne’s home.

Treasurer’s Report

We have $1067.39 in our account

Old Business

New guild members:
Two additional members joined the guild following last month’s meeting (Barb Wingard, Nicole Phillips)

Crawford County Fair:
The Guild will again sponsor a $25 prize for a knitted item at the Crawford County Fair. Julie will arrange to get the money to the fair organizers.

New Business

Debbie Bliss
Wolf Creek Yarns is sponsoring a presentation by Debbie Bliss on Jun 15th (4-6 pm) at Grove City College. Registrations are being accepted by the store.

Yarn Vault @ The Bank
The Yarn Vault (940 Park Ave. Meadville PA, 814-758-8837) has information available at yarnvault.blogspot.com. An on-line survey is posted and Taryn would like input related to interest in classes, specific yarns to stock, etc.

Flowers for Colleen
Members present requested a gift of flowers for Colleen Henry who is recuperating at home following an injury. Ginnie volunteered to obtain and deliver the flowers today.

Show and Tell
Guild members brought many diverse items to share with the group.


Jerri provided patterns for a sampler based on her original pattern “Lemon Drop” sweater, a summer cotton sweater with a variety of cables and twists. Members began the samplers and provided feed back to Jerri.

Future Meetings

The June 26th meeting will be held at the home of Nikki Phillips, in Franklin.  The project will be a hemp belt. Jerri will be the instructor. She brought a sample of the belt to the May meeting as well as information on several possible sites to find appropriate belt buckles. A complete supply list will be available prior to the June meeting.

The July 31st meeting will be at the home of Dave and Patty Bell. It will be a day for dying roving and a potluck picnic.

The August 28th meeting will be in “The Woods” with Sue Spencer. We will see how to create “Roving Rollers” art work and will enjoy another potluck meal. Members of the Spinners and Weavers guild will join us.


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