January 18, 2010

Notes of meeting of 12/5/09

The meeting was held at Suzanne’s home.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance in the treasury $635.07.

Old Business

The tree Barrow’s Civic Theatre looked great!

The tree will be removed on January 5th.

New Business

The $20.00 yearly dues for 2010 will be due at the January 30th meeting.

Knitting at Jerri Walford’s house will resume on Jan 12th and continue on each Tuesday from 6-9:00 pm.

The motion was made and unanimously passed to have a Knitting retreat in March 2010.  

It was also agreed that we would pay a $100.00 deposit to hold the rooms for this retreat at Cross Creek.

There was a proposal made to give 10 scholarships for up to 50% of the cost.  The recipients will be chosen by Jane and Jerri.

Jerri Walford has put out a program schedule 2010 meetings.

January 30 – program will be lace trims.

February 27 – program will be “Hat Happy” with Jane Bigelow.   We will need to bring worsted weight yarn.  More details will be given before Feb meeting.

April 24 – program will be “Critters for Kids.”  Variety of yarn weights.

March 12-13 Spring fleet retreat. Knitting DVD, Knitting Question and answer.

May 29  – Program will be “In-Stitches.”  A summer cotton sweater.

June 26 – program will be “Build a Belt.”   Knit, crochet and weave.  One skein of hemp will be needed.

July 31 – program will be “Roving Day and picnic” to be held at the Woods.

August 28 – program will be “Roving Rollers Picture.”

September 25 – Program will be “Christmas Knit Parade.”  Chunky yarn.

Oct 30 – program will be “Christmas Knitting Marathon.”  Food, fun and friends.  Pot luck, we will knit all day.  Imagine being finished knitting Christmas gifts before Christmas Eve.

Nov/December Dec 4  – program will be Barrow Tree decorations.  Seamless sweater, Flirty Knit 4 Valentines day using Kids Silk Haze yarn

Next Meeting

Our regular “last Saturday of the month” schedule of meetings will resume on January 30, 2010.

Notes by S. Karns


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