November 23, 2009

Notes of meeting of 10/31/09

The meeting was held at Suzanne’s home.

Treasurer’s Report

Ginny reported a total of $835 in the account including 2009 dues received today.
2010 dues will be due in January.

Old Business

Barrow Christmas Tree
Kathi plans to check with the thrift stores soon and purchase a tree. Tina has reserved a spot—close to the box office. On Nov 17, the Tuesday Knitting group plans to meet at Jerri’s and then take all available items to the Barrow and decorate the tree. Lights, garland and knit ornaments used in past years were located and given to Jerri and Kathi. Jerri gathered knit items from the members present and has a designated area on her porch for drop-off of any additional things. The knit items will be given to Community Service—the specific date will be coordinated with them. The Barrow has designated Jan 5-7 as the time to dismantle the tree, Jerri and Kathi volunteered their attics as possible storage space for the tree.

Summer Dye Day
Dave organized the samples from the August dye day and brought them to the meeting for inclusion in the guild reference materials.

New Business

Program co-chair
Jerri volunteered to work with Sue and plan future meeting topics. Please bring possible program ideas to them. Suzanne stated that her home would still be available as a meeting location.

Additional items for Barrow tree
The members present unanimously approved a motion to use $100 from the treasury to purchase additional items for the tree. The funds were disbursed to Kathi, who volunteered to go shopping.

Jerri’s project
Jerri briefly described a project to establish a residential resource for single parent families in the area. As part of the fund raising efforts to support this, she described a book she was creating in a “Flip” page style with ribbing, hat bodies, hat tops and hat embellishment that could be combined in many ways. Several members volunteered to knit samples for the book once the patterns were developed.

Show and Tell
Many items were admired during the show and tell session.
The members expressed interest in a class based on the “Monmouth Cap” a historic knit cap made by Jane with a double-thickness brim that can be worn flat or folded back.

Next Meeting
The November and December meetings will be combined and held on Saturday December 5th at Suzanne’s. Member should bring a holiday treat to share. Our regular “last Saturday of the month” schedule of meetings will resume in January 2010.


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