July 16, 2009

Wooly Wonders
June 27, 2009

There were 11 in attendance. Our President Suzanne’s first order of business was to thank our hostess for her hospitality and muffins. We were given an updated list of membership. There are several people we haven’t seen for a while. Let’s get in touch with them. Remember that guests are welcome at all meetings.

The Treasurer report was read by Ginnie’s and approved. The group asked Bridgett to become the third signature on our checking account as, frequently, one or more of the other two is unavailable. She kindly agreed and that is that. We were reminded that dues are past due and that the $20 membership fee is for an individual or a family membership.

We thoroughly discussed the Venango and Crawford County Fairs and the possible categories to enter. We disbursed the prize monies we sponsor to Julie and Ginnie for delivery to the respective representatives of the fairs. Please see Julie or Ginnie if you have any questions and do try to enter something in either or both fairs. It should be fun.

Sue, the Program Person, asked for your suggestions and ideas for future programs. Our upcoming Dye Day will be July 25 at Dave and Patty’s. Call Sue for more details on pre-Dye Day preparation or search “Natural Dyeing” online. You will get a lot of good information! Call Dave or Patty for directions to their home in Knox.
Suzanne reminded us that we considered a field trip to different yarn stores. We decided to pursue that in August. We will meet at the church parking lot next to Sharon’s house in Titusville to car pool to Erie where we will visit two stores. We will then travel to Waterford for lunch and one more store. Please call Sharon for further details and directions.

After shopping for yarn in August, we hope to have a knitting program in September.

Show and Tell was great: Dave had a 3-ply skein of handspun yarn and the shawls woven and featured in Handwoven magazine. Sharon had two examples of lace scarves, Sheila had skeins of a very soft yarn created from recycled soda bottles. Julie had baby hats and fingerless gloves. Linda had a shawl knitted with sock yarn.

Colleen won the raffle.

The meeting was adjourned for the program on Iris Folding, presented by Ginnie and assisted by Colleen.

Notes by Sue


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